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What designs do you offer?

→  The answer is... anything you want! We offer designs we have already made but you can also request something completely different and personal, as well as modify those pre-made designs. If you want something thats posted on our socials as a special request, we can replicate that design for you as desired. You can also send us a picture of custom sneakers you've seen on social media or Pinterest and we will adjust the design for it to be as close as possible to the ones you want.

Can I wash the denim/shoes? Will the design come off or flake?

→  Yes, you can (hand) wash your custom clothing, always with care. Through trial and error, we have found the best paints and processes to ensure that your custom piece will be durable. We only use 'Angelus' leather paints which guarantee your designs will last - they will not peel, chip, flake or fade. Additionally, we use a primer on the surface before applying the design, and a transparent finisher afterwards for full coverage protection.

Do I need to send my jacket/sneakers or will you provide them with the design?

→  The answer is, either! You can send us your favourite jacket/sneakers to get customized or we can provide it for you. You can also request a specific brand/model and we will buy it + customize and send it to you.

Which brands are the basic ones you provide?

→  We aim to make our custom clothing affordable for everyone, so as standard we offer basic jackets from brands as Primark and for better quality we use Zara jackets. You can also request another high end brand such as Levi's for denim or any other, same if you would like a real leather jacket (we use faux leather as a standard). Just send us an email making a special request for changing the base for your creation.

For sneakers, we order them from the official store (Nike, Adidas etc) and in case there is a almost similar dupe more affordable (like in Converse) we offer it directly in product options.

How long will it take to receive my order?

→  From the moment you place your order, we begin to shop the base sneakers/jackets from the official supplier. Normally, it will take around

3-5days for this item to arrive to us and then we'll start the customizing process. This one can take between 1-3 weeks depending on the workload we have and the complexity of the design you asked for. Finally, we will ship it to the address you provided and time of arrival will depend on the distance from our headquarters in Amsterdam. So, overall, we estimate 2-5 weeks time for you to receive your order which contains a custom clothing item. *if you would need it to be rushed, send us an email specifying so and we'll contact you.

Can I send my sneakers for restoration?

→  We use the best quality specific sneaker paint in the market, as well as a thorough preparation of the sneakers and application of an extra protective layer afterwards. However, damage can always happen (as it does with store bought sneakers too); so whenever you want, you can send us your sneakers for paint restoration. Up to 2 months after receiving the sneakers, you can send them for free, as in some rare occasions the paint can chip after a few wears. Past this time, it depends on how you take care of them, but you can always send them back to us for restoration. To do so:

1- Email us the pictures of your sneakers

2- We will evaluate the damage and give you the specific budget - from 4.90€ to 17.90€ (+shipping back to you)

3- Make sure the sneakers are as clean as possible and correctly packed before sending to the address we will provide.

4- We will fix the damage and return them to you as soon as possible

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